All you need is an Android Device to start an IoT Project on our platform. We aim to fire up implementation of IoT Projects without being limited to mobile devices but including open hardware. Experience the benefit of our integrated service and device cloud. We eliminate the complexity of deployment and management. We also created add-on services, called 'virtual ignite processors', which are a combination of events, triggers and things data. These ignite processors provide a big advantage to accelerate the development of IoT services. We delicately designed IoT-Ignite to make quick ROI of your IoT projects. Explore how easy it is to develop and deploy services on our platform and to get your business ignited:

IoT 2.0

Existing IoT Services either send data directly from edge devices to the cloud or passes raw data through gateways without processing. In both cases, high volume data traffic is carried between edge and cloud. IoT 2.0 enables meaningful data transfer capability by processing the data inside gateways.

Your Android, Your Gateway

IoT-Ignite supports one of the most common development environments: Android. You can use any Android device as an IoT gateway or choose to install our Industrial Android Distro in your selected gateway. This environment has been designed with more than 1200 APIs to precisely control and enhance Security.

Removal of Cost Barrier

Being an open platform, IoT Ignite provides you with a free-of-charge development environment. This environment supports cost effective hardware such as Android Devices and Open Source Hardware (Rasperry Pi 3, Arduino etc...) Our high technology, intelligence and know-how behind IoT-Ignite significantly simplify the development cycle for developers. The capabilities of IoT-Ignite like simplicity, support of Android, and open hardware benefit from a large developer ecosystem.

Full Stack Service Development and Deployment

From node level to service level, from mobile application development to 3rd party cloud integration, you can find all necessary components of an IoT Project on IoT-Ignite. Once you develop your projects, we support marketing of your services via IoT-Ignite Market Place.

IoT-Ignite Virtual Ignite Processors

IoT-Ignite presents Virtual Ignite Processors for service developers. The benefits of these ready-to-use processors are speeding the development cycle and enabling more innovation in every vertical. Some of these Ignite processors are Fall Detection Processor, Time Processor, Wifi Processor, Geofence Processor and Policy Processor. More virtual processors are on the way.