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Solution Packages

  • Fast Food Restaurant Automation

    Fast Food Restaurant

    A cloud-based solution for dynamic management of Fast Food Restaurants’ daily operations.

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  • Smart Greenhouse

    Smart Greenhouse

    IoT-Ignite has an Open Project with a sample service that helps small farms to own a smart system for their green houses; in effect, an IoT green house monitoring system. The solution runs on Raspberry Pi 3 hardware to make it affordable. The source code is open and everybody is welcome to use, test, contribute and distribute the solution. Join us in helping to grow crops efficiently and contribute to make this green solution accessible globally.

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  • Quickbox

    New Generation Sales Platform

    The Quickbox solution addresses all order-to-sales-to-payment processes and acts as a branch manager on the cloud.

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Working Together, Succeeding Together

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Connected Gateway/Smart End-Points

Connected Sensors/Actuators

With IoT-Ignite, IoT now has: Smart Edge

Smart Edge

Smart Edge

A smart IoT platform that enables smart, efficient services.

Make dynamic business decisions and take immediate action in the field with smart edge gateways. Multiple different services can be run on the same gateway, and the data from one service is used by another service to take an action.

The advantages of smart edge processing includes: lower bandwidth, faster data access, and simplified data management.

Smart edge gateways execute rules, allow efficient decision-making, and are fully under your control even without cloud connectivity.

Android as IoT OS

Android as IoT OS

Lower barrier-to-entry with quick ROI.

Developing your IoT service is as easy as creating an app with the Android OS in your gateway. Thanks to the abundance of resources made available by the established Android developer ecosystem, service development is faster and easier. To give you a headstart on Android-based IoT service development, we offer an extended version of Android with 1800 additional APIs.

See our ready-to-install devices here
For more devices please contact us.

Ready To Use Add-Ons

Ready To Use Add-Ons

Your IoT service is almost ready.

Ready-to-use add-ons are provided to accelerate the development of any IoT service. The add-ons are integrated sensor modules of selected partners, 3rd party integrations or sample codes provided by the IoT-Ignite team.

Well-defined sensor modules like an RFID sensor module or smart scale can run on the platform either to be part of your own solution or inside the IoT-Ignite solution packages.

IFTTT interworks with any solution on IoT-Ignite.

With access to these ready-made add-ons, development time is significantly reduced, making your business more cost effective.

You can reach the sample open codes and ready components from here.

Pre-Defined Events

Pre-Defined Events

Pre-defined events prevent re-coding of the most frequently used events and save time during service development.

Sample codes are provided for pre-defined events that use a combination of several sensors, rapidly speeding up development time. The Ignite-agent is downloadable as an application and turns any Android device into a controllable IoT gateway.

Events are developed based on the meaningful data that are generated from sensors. For example, “Fall Detection” is a sensor fusion component that uses data generated from different sensors, like gyroscopes and accelerometers, and indicates the "fall" event when it occurs.

On IoT-Ignite the following events are available as open source code; Fall Detection , Time, Wifi ,Geofence, Policy

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Security Starting From Device

Security From The Ground Up

On IoT-Ignite, security starts from your device's operating system and your service is secured end-to-end up to the cloud.

The cloud-authorized smart edge gateway is the trust point between sensors and the cloud. The network configuration of the gateway is manageable over the cloud to make the gateway a closed, secure IoT device.

On top of this, enhanced verification and certification mechanisms prevent unauthorized applications from being installed in the gateway in the event of an attack.

Communication between the sensors and gateway is strictly authorized, while the communication between the gateway and the cloud is encrypted with IES 256 Encryption over TLS. These two steps help to overcome the most common IoT security challenges.

An Open Approach

An Open Approach

IoT-Ignite is 'open' in multiple senses.

As an Open Platform, it has an open architecture that embraces 3rd party cloud/solution integrations. It provides REST APIs for the service cloud and device cloud, offering a huge range of opportunities for integration development.

IoT-Ignite supports the Open Source Community with open source sample codes and open hardware support. You can access the sample codes from here.

IoT-Ignite has launched an Open Project “Smart Green House Solution” that runs on Raspberry Pi 3. The source code of the solution is available for farmers, developers, startups or anybody to use, contribute to, or distribute.

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