IoT-Ignite is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) distinctively designed for realization of Internet of Things. Behind the design, there are modern best practices and a unique architecture. Enjoy the development environment with simple UX and UI, while seamlessly integrating your connected devices into your favorite tooling and platforms. Existing IoT Services either send data directly from edge devices to the cloud or pass row data through gateways without processing. In both cases, high volume data traffic is carried between edge and cloud. IoT 2.0 enables meaningful data transfer capability by processing the data inside gateways.

Fully scalable, secure, reliable infrastructure for your IoT product.

The IoT-Ignite platform enables users to build innovative IoT products and solutions. It provides a secure, reliable gateway connection between your devices and the web and allows you to manage your devices, data flow, data streaming and rule definitions. It's flexible, user friendly; it reduces your technical risk and shortens time to market.

IoT-Ignite architecture includes both Service and Device Cloud to enable rapid and secure integration with any other cloud platform. IoT-Ignite platform is based on microservice architecture and principles. IoT-Ignite’s comprehensive APIs and Device SDKs provide easy Cloud-to-Cloud connectivity. For more information, please visit

IoT-Ignite API's and Device SDKs

Ignite RESTful API set simplifies the storage and retrieval of sensor data across multiple platforms. We provide Java API clients to speed up your application development time.

IoT-Ignite provides an SDK to help you easily and quickly connect your hardware, device or your mobile application. The IoT-Ignite Device SDK enables your devices to connect, authenticate, and exchange messages with IoT-Ignite using the MQTT, XMPP or WebSockets protocols. The Device SDK supports Android, HTML5, JavaScript and includes client libraries and a developer guide. You can also use an open source alternative or write your own SDK.

From API authentication, to data transport and storage, we adhere to best practices in web security. Your data reach our cloud securely, thanks to a token-based authentication, where it remains in renowned cloud providers.

To learn more read the IoT-Ignite API and Device SDK documentation here

Device Management

Remotely maintain, control and interact with your devices regardless of their location and connection status. IoT-Ignite provides complete edge device processing, including rule management, a rule engine, capability to check status, change configurations, enable/disable or upgrade the firmware of your devices.

Application Enablement

Whether you are building new applications or integrating your data into ERP, CRM or any data analytics system you'll need a high performance platform, tools and a development environment that will get your service to market faster. Focus on your customer experience and leave your IoT infrastructure to IoT-Ignite.

Big data - Machine Learning

'Big Data' and its analytics are at the very center of any IoT product. Iot-Ignite platform can bring true value to the 'Big Data' by learning from past data, understanding and predicting the future and making decisions that will enhance outcomes. On IoT-Ignite Platform the developers or service providers can quickly and easily add real-time pattern & anomaly detection, predictive analytics and simulation to the solutions they build.

IoT-Ignite platform enables the connection of any device from gateway to edge 'things'. The platform provides Ignite Agent for both Android and Linux operating systems installed in devices.

IoT Gateways device forms the backbone of communications between connected devices and the cloud capabilities such as IoT-Ignite Rule Engine, Edge Device Processing and other IoT-Ignite services and 3rd-party services.

The Gateway supports the pub/sub messaging pattern, which enables scalable, low-latency and low-overhead communication. It is particularly useful for IoT scenarios where billions of devices are expected to communicate frequently with minimal delay.

IoT devices of IoT-Ignite platform are where these things connect, communicate, and interact using a collection of device types as well as agents, sensors, actuators, nodes (Built-in or External) and gateways.

IoT-Ignite Device Cloud Architecture